How to communicate with us and how to achieve business cooperation correctly to raise the level of sales and purchases between us?

Instructions About using Our Website:

(Last Update: 21.05.2020)

First of all, you have to go to form on FAQ bottom side and fulfilling the required informations, then you have to click (submit). Your form Will be checked and registered on our local system and added to our server as soon as possible, this process takes time from 3 hours to 3 working days. Marketing & Sales department will send you confirmation email including your login details and random password which you have to change after 1st access to your account.

You have to register on website or login to your account to see the prices and/or order our fabrics.

After your account become active on our website, you can require our (Paid) samples and catalogues on your expense, we specified special category for requesting the catalogs ( REQUEST CATALOGS). Samples and catalogues could be delivered only with (UPS, TNT, FEDEX, DHL, ARAMEX). As also, we advise you to check our website regularly, you can add the new released catalogues of fabrics directly to your orders too and we wıll put them in the packages of your fabrics which you bought. Especially for new clients, The value cost of catalogues will be given back to you as a (discount of 2% for each placed order if exceeded 1500 EUR) within the orders which you placing on website during one year only.

We fixed our minimum order on our website of any kind of fabric to be 100 meters except (ART NO: 10000 25 KG). To get the Invoice you need to place an order not less than 1500 Euro or its equivalent. Please Contact us for more details.

After confirmation the order, you have to pay the required amount 100% in advanced. In 3 Working days If we don't get a confirmation of payment from Accountancy Department, the order will be cancelled. There is some exceptions and that's up to Marketing & Sales Department only.

Our base currency is the Euro. When shopping on our site in alternative currencies, our system and our website interface automatically convert prices according to the prices of the daily indicators agreed upon in the company’s management and accounting department and pre-installed so as not to expose the company to any financial losses to maintain the true value of our approved currencies.

Your order will be checked on our Stock Warehouse's system, you will be notified by email to check the status of your order. You will be asked for confirmation of the status of your order and will be asked to pay the requested payment through the available payment's channels on our website.

After confirming payment from our accounting department, your order will take a place on waiting list, mostly, the orders waiting from 10 to maximum 15 working days after confirmation payment and depending on required items. every time your order passing steps, you will be informed automatically by our system about that by email. Also, you can check your order status by tracking the order number on website or by visiting your account and clicking on order history.

Contact us immediately on 24/7 Customer service Channel, you will be asked for some more details such photos, videos and sometime live video call with us to see the fabrics. You will get the best solution for such issue.

To start manufacturing special order, we need to get a sample of that fabric not less than (1X1 m), We gonna analyzing it then we can do our offer. We need to get a payment of 70% of total order after declaring the minimum order. The process of producing the sample takes between 2 to 3 weeks, we send the sample on Clients expense by fast Airlines Shipping carrier to be checked and confirmation. During 24 hrs, client should take a decision. Client will have a chance to make changes on requirement for only one time and After confirmation, the whole order will take a place in manufacturing department plans, period of process takes from 20 to 40 days depending on quantity of order. The fabric will pass last quality control and client will be informed to place payment of the rest 30% of order. In logistic department of our company will start preparing the shipment after having confirmation from accountant department.

Unfortunately, you cannot.

Behind that several reasons. You should be certain about your Email, Login Name and Password. If you forgot your login, you need to click on (forgot login?), follow the instruction on website to be informed login name again. If you forgot your password, also you need to click on (forgot Your password?), follow the instruction on website to get an email with a link for reset a new password. The last reason is Technically, We specified our website in somehow to block inactive accounts ( No Orders, Long time No Login to Account, Too much login without ordering, Unauthorized Activities and/or Using illegal IP access to Website). To activate your account again, you need to have your First order ready to be sent through email to: sales@imkotekstil.com.tr, after receiving your order at International Marketing & Sales Department, your account will be activated after confirmation the required payment. Remember: your Email is a Link between you and our website, you will get notification emails in each step been done between you and Us. Happy Business day & Good Luck.


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